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Artificial Intelligence: The site contains links to different research sites and projects about the artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Resources on the Web: The site contains links to information on agents, artificial life, case-based reasoning, data mining, expert systems, fuzzy logic and neural networks etc.

The Computer Vision Homepage: The site contains resources for computer vision research.

Data Mining Resources: The site contains links to the resources on the data mining.

Ethics in Computing: The site contains links for resources on ethics in computing. There are also links to materials on commerce, computer abuse, privacy, risks, social justice issues, and speech issues.

Logic Programming: The site contains links to general repositories, Prolog information, window system interfaces, other logic programming systems and related information.

The Virtual Museum of Computing (VMoC): The site contains links to web sites with the history of computing.


Academic Departments & Institutes

Academic Resources in UK: This site (by University of Wolverhampton) contains the links to the UK universities and their maps.

Colleges and Scholarships in US: This site contains the links to the US colleges and scholarships.

Computers: Computer Science: Research Institutes: The site contains links to several dozen computer science research institutes.

Universities and Institutions in France: This site contains the links to the France universities.

Universities in US: This site contains the links to the US universities.

Universities Worldwide: This site contains the links to over 7000 universities worldwide.


Bibliographies and Others

CiteSeer: The site is a database containing citations to journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports in computer and applied sciences.

DBLP Computer Science Bibliography: The site contains over 500,000 references from major computer science journals and proceedings.

Conference-Ranking.net: The site contains some reference conferences for research scientists.




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